Tank Rental & Maintenance Services

To Schools & Clubs.



Fermanagh Aquatic's offers expert Rental service of Fish Tanks to Schools & Clubs alike.

  • Rental

  • Set-up

  • Full Maintenance

  • All in package

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Aquarium maintenance

A healthy beautiful aquarium starts with quality aquarium maintenance service. At each visit our service person will:

  • Clean your filter

  • Monitor, evaluate & modify your water chemistry

  • Perform a partial water change

  • Clean your glass and decorations

  • Ensure that your aquarium is running at its absolute best

Aquarium rental is the most flexible and easy way to enjoy having an aquarium and with our comprehensive service there are only two things left for you to do...... feed the fish, and enjoy them swimming amongst the plants and décor.

It’s for this reason aquarium rental is particularly popular with businesses of all sizes. Rented aquariums can be found in many receptions, waiting rooms, lounges and offices, bringing a stunning, colourful, stress reducing focal point to the working environment.

Prices start from as little as £60* per month

* Price does not relate to the product shown, display may also differ from that shown.

Our Standard Service Includes:

  • Monthly Maintenance.

  • 6 or 12 month minimum contracts.

  • Plants, fish, décor, food all included!

  • Replacement fish, plants, equipment all at our expense.

  • Various models, sizes, colours to suit.

  • Free call out.

Further Benefits:


  • Free, no obligation site visit to discuss your options.

  • Contracts run as long as you want after the minimum period.

  • Greater discounted rates following our 6 month contracts.

Why not CONTACT US to arrange your free no obligation visit.

view our rental terms.


bring the beauty and excitement of coral reefs to the classroom. As part of the company’s drive towards bringing aquariums and education together to enhance child development and education, Fermanagh Aquatics have completed a package for school projects which facilitates the opportunity to learn about species and habitats of the underwater world, all within the safety and comfort of the classroom.

Once you are up and running with a hired aquarium, take advantage of our superb monthly service and maintenance procedure, by sitting back and letting us take care of all the cleaning and restoration. Our skilled team of technicians will provide the fish food, along with a full clean on each visit, removing any algae, dirt, debris and marks from the tank and decor, together with a full gravel clean. Of course, lighting, heating and filtration equipment is serviced to guarantee a peerless performance whilst we aren’t there, together with a water change which will be carried out to lower toxins and filter by-product levels. If there are any medical requirements for any of your livestock – leave that to us too! We will administer medications and water treatment, whilst monitoring those fish requiring more intensive treatment – removing them and replacing them if needed. Finally, we also guarantee the hassle-free replacement of any accessories or equipment that, on an extremely rare basis, may be faulty together with any specimens outgrowing their living environment and with any deceased fish replaced on the next visit – all free of charge! What more could you possibly need?

Types of fish Available


Our cold water species include the likes of; Shubunkins, Yellow Goldfish, Comets and the Common Goldfish. Cold water fish create a beautiful colour palette of bright colours, pearly white tones and charcoal colours to admire. Our cold-water aquariums can be installed into any setting and have proved to be incredibly effective at reducing stress and anxiety in doctors surgeries and dentist waiting rooms throughout the North West region.

Malawi Cichlids make for a wonderful addition to any fresh water tank. Their vibrant colours often match the beauty found in most marine aquariums and many can be seen hiding in between rocks and building their own territories. Some of the species within our selection of Malawi Cichlids available at Aqualease include; Red Coral, Sunset Orange, Cobalt Blue Zebra and Peacock Cichlids.

Our fabulous selection of tropical fish include species such as; Red Rosy Barbs, Parrot Cichlids, Angel fish, Rainbow fish and Silver Shark. Tropical aquariums are both engaging and relaxing at the same time. Many can spend hours gazing into the depths of a colouful underwater world, admiring the behaviour and activity of beautiful tropical fish, swimming in and out of plants and ornamental features. Tropical fish are so much fun to look after and their beauty is the ultimate gift in return for doing so. Our tropical aquarium hire, together with a selection of accompanying fish is the perfect combination to enhance the beauty and ambiance of any room.

Marine fish are incredibly vibrant and interesting to look at. Choosing to hire a marine aquarium for your setting can enhance the beauty of a room as well as adding a focal feature to a tired, dull space. Our marine livestock collection includes the likes of; Banggai Cardinalfish, Blue Cheek Goby and the Coral Beauty Angelfish. Exotic, vibrant reds, yellows, purples and fiery orange colours help to fill even the smallest of marine aquariums with captivating beauty. Long Tentacle Anemone, Purple Mushroom and Ricordia Mushroom can also be supplied to add depth and texture to the tank as well as a natural environment for an array of fish


You can also decide from our second hand tanks with no upfront payments...


All prices above inc Filters,heaters an deco,fish for your tank.

\tank choice may require a upfront payment.

Any extras that you desire may occur in a small fee depending.


Est Prices for Rentals/Maintenance

price per day ex VAT


Gold fish bowl/sm tank from £1

Gold fish med tank from £2.50

Gold fish large tank from £3.50


Tropical small tank from £2.50

Tropical med tank from £3.50

Tropical large tank from £4.50


Cichlid small tank from £2.50

Cichlid med tank from £3.50

Cichlid Large tank from £4.50


Marine fish only small from £3.50

Marine fish only med from £4.50

Marine fish only large from £5.50


Reef marine small from £5.50

Reef marine med from £7.00

Reef marine large from £10.00

(extra fees may apply-light choice etc)


outdoor pond med from £5

outdoor pond large from£6.50


We also supply Reptile-Snake-Critter Holdings for your Venue.

(Price Per Day)

-Up front Payments may apply-Large Critters From £100 – Med Critters £50 – Small critters No fee may apply -



Breaded Dragon & Setup from £2.50

Gecko & Setup from £2.00

Spider or alike & Setup from £1.50

Turtle & Setup from £2.75

Other small critters from £1.00


School Package

Our hassle-free school package includes everything you need - 
•      Visit school to plan and advise on most suitable location and specific requirements
•      Deliver and set up aquarium, decor and fish
•      Ensure safe and secure area 
•      Vetted Staff
•      Maintain aquarium
•      Change ornaments and scenery
•      Leave food
•      Collect and care for fish over summer holidays
•      Set up and return fish in new term
•      Educational colour posters with identification charts

What happens when you go on school holiday?
The Fish do TOO !!

We take your fish and care for them over the holidays and then before you come back we will set up and restore the aquarium with all your fish back.

What does maintenance include?
Clean and check equipment
Change water

Add treatment
Check fish health
Clean glass
Change filters
Leave fish food

Do you supply new tanks?
Yes, and anything that is needed with it.

When first getting started there is much to learn. You worry about selecting the right filtration system, cycling the tank, fish survival, - avoid needless stress and worry by letting us do it for you! 

We can put it all together and maintain it


What does your rental package include?
Aquarium and cabinet of choice
Decor, plants and gravel of choice
Air feature and pump
Fish of choice
Regular maintenance service
Summer holiday care of fish (if needed)


Do you maintain tanks not supplied by you?
Yes, we provide a maintenance service on tanks not supplied by us. 

Any stress connected with owning an aquarium is on the initial set-up. The chemistry of the water must be balanced and the temperature regulated. The process can be complex so we can come to the house and set up the tank and even maintain it if you wish.

Contact us to find out more


Aquarium Maintenance

If you have an aquarium and want someone else to keep it looking great and ensure your fish are kept healthy then this is the service for you.


We maintain Coldwater, Tropical and Marine aquariums of all shapes and sizes and can supply everything you need.

Our prices start at just £35 but please do contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to provide a quote.

A Standard Aquarium Maintenance Service includes:

  • Water Treatment - e.g. Dechlorinator

  • Water Change

  • Filter Cleaning

  • Gravel Cleaning

  • Water Testing

  • Algae Removal / Plant Trimming

  • Glass Cleaning

  • Advice

Regular Maintenance options include:

  • Weekly

  • Fortnightly

  • Monthly

  • As required

Additional services / products# include:

  • Reverse Osmosis Water

  • Additional Water Treatments
    e.g. disease medication / algae control

  • Marine Salt

  • Filter Media Replacement

  • Equipment Installation

# Cost of products additional to service charge.

Holiday Care

This service can range from simply feeding your fish, either by hand or automatic device, to carrying out other maintenance, such as cleaning the filter, water treatments, top ups and water testing.

Generally speaking we offer two types of holiday care...

  • Hand Feeding
    This service enables us to provide you with more than just the feeding of your fish, as we are able to keep an eye on their health and well being, adapt feeding to circumstances and respond quickly to any problems that arise while you are away.

    Additionally by varying our daily feeding times we also offer added security for you home, through our regular and unpredictable visits.

  • Automatic Feeding
    The cheaper of the two options, this service doesn't have the added benefits of hand feeding, but still ensures the fish are regularly fed. We will come and set the feeder up and collect it again once you are back, for longer periods we will also top the feeder up.

As a maintenance customer you can also benefit from our discounted members prices when purchasing food and equipment through us, as part of any work we do for you.

If you want full access to our members area with many more benefits simply sign-up

Pond Cleaning


Our pond cleaning service involves a thorough assessment and clean-out of your pond.

Prices start from just £40 so please do contact us for a quote or to arrange a free visit to discuss your needs.

We subsequently recommend you follow up with our regular Pond Maintenance services to keep it at its best for years to come.

Please contact us for a quote or we will happily provide a free visit to discuss the best package for you and your pond.

A Standard Pond Springs Clean Service includes:

  • First hours labour

  • Water Treatment - e.g. Dechlorinator

  • Water Testing

  • Filter Cleaning

  • Sludge Removal

  • Water change

  • Blanket Weed / Weed Removal

  • Plant Maintenance

  • Advice

Additional services / products# include:

  • Filter Media Replacement

  • Equipment Installation

  • Additional Water Treatments
    e.g. disease medication / algae control

# Cost of products additional to service charge.