Includes 2 multi-grade foams, bio-balls & 7W UVC for the smallest one and this increases in amount of media and wattage per bigger filter 



* The filter unit is IP44 rated as weatherproof & can be buried in the garden up to the lid.

* 6.2m 240V cable which has an IP44 rated ballast fitted exernally.

* Full 360 degree outlet head adjustment.

* Cleaning indicator for foam sponge maintenance

* Uses industry standard PL-S 7W +TUV bulb.

* Epoxy encapsulated UVC electrical head for assured reliability.

"* Step-down outlet adaptor 12.5/20/25mm & 1""BSP male threaded outlet & inlet."



Fish stocking & density: Up to 50cm of goldfish per 1000L of pond volume. (total measurement of the fish lengths). Fish must be added to the pond in stages to 50% over the first 6 months, which then allows for growth to maximum capacity. This is taken from common industry practice.

* 10L vessel.

* Dimensions: 282x282x385mm high.

* Maximum recommended flow-through rate: 1500L/hr (This is equivalent to filling a 20L bucket with water in 48 seconds).



STAGE 1 - MECHANICAL FILTRATION: Water is pumped into the filter creating the necessary pressure to begin the mechanical filtration stage. Two foam discs collect various sizes of unwanted organic debris encouraging the growth of large numbers of benificial bacteria which break down harmful pollutants.

STAGE 2 - BIOLOGICAL FILTRATION: At this stage the water passes through the bio-balls at the bottom of the filter. These have a large surface area & provide a habitat for beneficial bacteria to grow which naturally convert the harmful toxins of ammonia & nitrites into useful nitrates to supporty a healthy pond environment.

STAGE 3 - UV CLARIFICATION: The water which may contain microscopic suspended algae spores passes the UV lamp clumping and killing the spores to give crytal clear water.

WHY ARE Aqua Nova External Pond UV Bio-Filter - NPF10/NPF20/NPF30 SO EFFECTIVE?

Water is slowed down as it passes the lamp to increase UV penetration

Quartz glass tube covering the UV lamp permits effective penetration of UV rays.

Ordinary glass cuts this by 90%

UV lamp runs at optimum operating temperature in an enclosed chamber

Water is kept as close as possible to the UV lamp to maximise UV efficiency

Single ended lamps last longer and have higher UV output

UVC Lamp replacement information: Correct procedure must be followed when installing the UV lamp. To avoid damage to the quartz sleeve, if you are having difficulty with installation, contact us for assistance.

After 8000hrs (12months) the lamps start to loose efficiency or fail. It will be noticeable in summer as the pond water may develop the dreaded cloudy green colour on hot days.

Filter foam maintenance. The filter/UVC unit must work dirty to preserve the bacteria. If foams are blocked, remove & wash only in a bucket of non-chlorinated water (e.g. pond water). The foams will often shrink. The unit still functions but you can restore to original size by passing the foam over steam from boiling water with care. 

Pressured Filter with Uv for ponds

Size of filter


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