Specialists in the Design, Manufacture & Installation 
of Luxury Aquariums and Steel-Framed Cabinets

Our New Manufacturer for tanks is Highly recognised for precision, quality and excellent customer service.

Priding Them selves professional understanding and personable nature, all whilst offering standard and bespoke aquarium builds to suit your budget.

The Manufacturer an fermanagh Aquatics ethos is simply to supply the best quality fish tank builds possible.

In striving to achieve this, the steel frame aquarium cabinet has been developed to replace the common chipboard designs mass produced within the industry.

The focus is now on strength, reliability and aesthetic quality.

The Steel Frame is the future of fish-keeping giving you affordable peace of mind with hand-made excellence guaranteed. Where other brands are failing,

Our Manufacturer excel.

Pride is taken in supplying a beautifully aligned Cabinet without annoying discrepancies in the build which detract the eye.

All steel-framed cabinets are hand-built to within +/-3mm tolerance. Now offering double-skinned solid wood cabinets clad in high quality board for the AquaScaper.

Offering a 3 year guarantee on Standard Aquariums & Steel Frame Builds. 









•  Maximum Strength  •  Maximum Durability  •


•  Maximum Interior Space  •  

•  Adjustable Feet  •

•  Faultless Door Alignment  •  Contemporary design  •






 •  Fully Marine Safe  • 

• High Pressure Pipework  •  

 •  Suitable for all your plumbing requirements  •

•  Fitting Service Available  •




•  Standard Open Pelmet Designs  •  

•  Tropical Aquarium Designs  •  

•  Marine Aquarium Designs •  

•  Front Opening Steel Framed Pelmets •

 •  Closed Pelmet  •



• High Acrylic Gloss & Matt finishes  •  

• Textured Wood Finishes  •  

• Concrete & Stone Effects  •  

•  Duo Edging Available  • 



•  Partition Panels / Electrical Area  •

•  Opti White Glass  •

•  Sliding GlassCovers •



ALL glass edges, seen and unseen, are polished. Reducing the chance of Breakage.

The polishing of all the glass edges increases the tanks safety rating since rough/unpolished glass edges offer an increased chance of breakage and fracture.

Doing things Differently... As Standard

Double Glass Base


Any Double Bases are Black so as to avoid seeing the glue dots which can be unsightly.


When an aquarium reaches a particular height or length then it is usual to make the base glass to the aquarium thicker.  Whilst our bases are already floating the double base adds the extra safety, all whilst maintaining high aesthetic standard.

Having the Black Base means opting for a bare bottomed tank is an easy option and one which will look perfect.

What is a Floating Base?

A floating base means that you will never have glass to glass contact along the joints of your aquarium. Where many aquarium companies will build the tanks with the front and side panes balanced on the base glass, Our Manufacturer have the base glass situated inside of the front and side panes. This means we are ensuring a 1.5-2mm cushion of silicone between your glass. This allows some movement, but more importantly makes your tank safer still.


• Maximum Strength  •  Maximum Durability  •  Maximum Interior Space  •   Adjustable Feet  •  Beautiful Door Alignment  •  Contemporary design  •


Facts to Consider.

Whether running a Freshwater or Marine system water spillage is inevitable. Many stands, particularly mass produced brands, are made from particle board (chipboard) and MDF. Why? Simply because these are inexpensive products and the work can be carried out quickly and more profitably for the companies using such materials.  

Whilst systems which do not run a sump tank are less likely to expose the cabinetry to water damage it is definitely not recommended that one of these board frames be used for Salt water aquariums, Sumped aquariums or large tropical/freshwater builds. 

Why you shouldn't use a Particle Board Aquarium Cabinet.

The answer is simple. HUMIDITY. The humidity produced by the sump tank will cause a wooden cabinet to warp, swell and ultimately move, the danger is that this damage, in addition to the expected spills when maintaining,  will result in your cabinet becoming no longer fit for purpose, the materials become soft and unable to carry the weight of your aquarium. 

Once the damage occurs there is no way to repair it, the only way forward is replacement which will mean breaking down your aquarium in preparation for a move. The costs of running an aquarium are already substantial without having to buy another cabinet every few of years.

Plyboard and solid wood are a better choice than particle boards and MDF, but they can still be susceptible to the effects of water. This is why Steel is the best choice for an Aquarium Cabinet that lasts.

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Why choose Steel Framed Cabinets 

Easy! The steel frame is so much stronger than wood, even ply-board and solid wood. The nature of the steel stand means that you can have far greater access beneath your tank than the best of the wooden stands. 

The steel will not move over time like wooden frames meaning that, at no point, will your tank have to cope with a change it its base support and therefore a threat to its stability.

The steel Frame means more room for a sump tank and equipment as well as additional space for maintaining.


What makes our manufacturer different is the attention to detail, the exactness of the builds, the ability to design and customise to meet individual requirements and the quality. Particular pride is taken in ensuring that the panels on your cabinet are aligned perfectly within millimeters with no annoying discrepancies detracting your eye.


Built to last a Lifetime the Steel frame allows panel replacement in instances of aesthetic variation or damage. Panels can be attached and reattached with relative ease in comparison to a whole system shutdown.

Maximum Strength & Durability

 Steel Cabinet Frame has been fully load tested and with load capability calculations carried out. 

Each frame is built by fully-qualified fabricators. 

Frames are Sand-blasted & Powder-coated to prevent corrosion. So whilst a steel framework is stronger than a wooden frame, a powder-costed steel frame offers EVEN MORE lasting strength by eliminating the chance of corrosion.



Looking for extra doors, a steel pelmet for ease of access, additional storage or a bespoke size ... we can help.

The Steel frame comes with Adjustable Feet, Removable Support Braces, Rubber-lined Film-faced Ply base and a Film-faced ply Top. 

What is Film Faced Ply? Film Faced Plywood is a specialised plywood with two sides coated in a wearable and waterproof film

IMPORTANT: Adjustable Feet  

Steel Frame Aquarium Cabinets  all have Adjustable-Feet as standard, this means that despite your uneven floor, your aquarium WILL be level.

DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE importance of a fully-supported and level base for your tank. The majority of tank leaks and breaks come from the failure to place an aquarium on a solid, supported and level stand. This causes stress to the glass and the silicone seams which, over time, can, and do, produce breakage.

Maximum Interior Space  

Steel Stand comes, as standard, with Removable Support Braces to allow maximum access for sump tank installation and maintenance.

Large sumps fit easily beneath the aquarium since there are no supports required directly beneath the aquarium as with wooden and particle board cabinets.

The interiors of the cabinets are sealed against water damage and come with a Rubber lined interior base for additional water-proofing and noise suppression from your equipment.


Partition Panels 

  Allowing isolation of electrics from the sump tank or external filters where water exposure is likely. 

Partition panels can also be made to be removable where access is difficult or critical.




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